Welcome to the coupon experience! We are living on less in the Lowcountry and sharing our experiences. We hope you find our posts educational and entertaining. Would love to hear about your couponing experiences too! Contact us at thecouponexperience@gmail.com.


my husband, George, and I
 My name is Katie and I am a mother of 3, a wife, a small business owner, and a resident of the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  I started my journey into the couponing world in the fall of 2010 after a close friend gave me the websites of a few of her favorite couponing sites.  It didn't take long, soon I was hooked on getting the best deals! 

Like many in America, my husband and I are working on reducing our debt and couponing has been a way for us to lower our monthly expenses.  Not only with groceries, but all other aspects of our purchasing including household products, toiletries, baby needs, and more.  My husband and I have a long journey ahead of us, but hopefully I can use this blog to educate others, learn new saving techniques, keep myself on track, and have some fun too! 

Enjoy reading and Happy Couponing!