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Friday, October 7, 2011

All at Once

Ever feel like everything happens all at once in your life?  Sometime I think if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all! 

Well, that is what has been happening at our house the last few weeks.  The quick, quick version is....

Trip to Montana for family wedding last week.  I left on Wednesday and my husband left on Friday.  Between scheduling sitters and my in-laws, they handled taking care of the kids while we were away.  While in Montana, I worked doing flowers for the wedding and setting the reception up.  Hubby helped, so we were pretty exhausted when we got home at midnight on Monday night.  A whole day of traveling is NOT fun. 

Tuesday morning began with hearing from the kids about their weekend and looking at the bumps and bruises.  My oldest had a swollen eye from his sister's foot and a runny nose....nice.  Just what I want to see.  He complained about it hurting, so I sent him to school with advil and a nasal decongestent.  The day progressed as normal with the other two.  When A1 got home, he had a fever of 104 and the teacher told us he had seen the nurse twice about his eye.  So, off to the doctors we went.

By 6pm we were enjoying the hospitality of the children's hospital ER staff.  Not the place I wanted to be.  IV had to go in for tracing meds and a CT scan.  Ugh, not fun holding him down for that.  By 11pm he was admitted and up in his own room.  IV antibiotics and a sinus abyss that leaked into his eye tissue was the diagnosis.  I know, it just sounds gross and painful.  And it looked it, I assure you. 

Last night was our 3rd night at the hospital.  Lots of improvement, but lots of struggles with getting him to take oral medication.  Pill swallowing is not his thing.  We are trying to get creative about how to hide it in food.  Any ideas or things that have worked for your little guys?  I'm all ears!

Hoping we break out of this joint today.  Things look promising.  Fingers crossed.

Add all of this plus 2 other kids that we need to take care of, jobs we have to go back to, and buyers who want to close on our house.  Nothing can wait, of course.  I can say that I've reached my breaking point at least once during the week.  It's been tough.  I keep trying to tell myself that God doesn't give people more than what they can handle, but I am getting skeptical.  I like to think I'm superwoman, but then something like this week happens to snap me back into reality.  Am I alone?  Probably not, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

So pardon the lack of posts.  Its not that I have forgotten you guys.  I haven't touched my coupon binder or looked at other blogs in almost 2 weeks.  Just trying to juggle life right now.  I'll be back in the swing of things soon, promise!

Till then, say some prayers for me.  Patience and accepting what I cannot change.  Two very hard virtues to attain for me.  Thanks!